Maruishi BANNER

Tianjin Maruishi Bicycle Co., LTD.,loated in Tianjin Economic & Technology Development West Zone,is a subsidiary of FUSHIDA Group, one of the biggest bicycle manufacuturer in China. It’s main business is to manage both domestic and international business for the brand ” Maruishi” under FUSHIDA group.

In 2006, FUSHIDA Group successfully merged ” Maruishi Bicycle Co., LTD.” and its world famous brand “MARUISHI”, one of the top four bicycle brands in Japan. Since then, FUSHIDA Group is committed to make “MARUISHI”  the first brand in the world of high-end bicycle market. With MARUISHI’s hundred year’s production technology and brand accumulation, meantime by mixing the modern Chinese culture elements, the company has formed a new set of “Maruishi” product system.

Centenary inheritance,win on the starting line.
The Maruishi Bicycle Co., LTD now is at a new attitude to its commitments:
First-class products;First-class service; First-class enjoyment.


Folding Series


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City & Luxury Series

CITY MT 2433

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Mountain Series

Mountain Kangaroo M

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Sports & X-Country Series

Sport MBV 6.5

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