Maruishi Frackers FRT 2433
Maruishi Frackers FRT 2433
Maruishi Frackers FRT 2433
Maruishi Frackers FRT 2433

Maruishi Frackers FRT 2433

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Weight: 29.2kg

Frame: Copper frame

control systems: the stainless steel handles

Brake Lever: aluminum brake lever

Transmission system: Three-speed Shimano system

Brake system: Shimano roller brake

Rim: Aluminium Alloy rims

Tires: CST tires 26"

Bike ladder: Ultra-smooth dual-branch ladder

Seat: OGK seats

Headlights: Sanyo LED automatic lights

tail lights: cat eye automatic solar lights

locks: Special maruishi front and rear locks

1, Japan OGK special child seat intimate design: front and rear seat 

easy accessibility, flexibility, according to the size of the child, adjust the seat shape change of seasons;

Built leather upholstered seat, let the children more comfortable ride;

built triangular seat belts, make sure children ride safety;

humane handle design front and rear seats, let the children have to sit by, on the basis of seat belts for children to take a heavy security more than the increase of insurance;

holding formula headrest designed to effectively prevent the risk of a head or so after the children fall asleep due to swing;

handlebar reasonably positioned center of gravity, just in the front seat center position on the handlebar. Even if the child in a moving way tamper with, it will not affect the center of gravity offset handlebar; rear seat

leg semi-wraparound design, to effectively prevent children knock the legs and feet injuries, crush injury;

2, frame design is reasonable, "ultra-low bed frame" design easy on, get off, and enhance the sense of security when riding

3, the front wheels large small design allows the rear seat lower center of gravity, to facilitate the child up and down, while increasing the safety factor of the children ride. Handlebars and front seat height position, one can make your riding easier, and secondly, can effectively expand the horizons when children ride, meet the child's curiosity, let the children ride more fun;

4, Frame Fork parts containing "pill Stone" leading patent lock, prevent handlebar car at standstill due to tamper with the child about the deflection caused by the car even propping and fall;

5, enhanced support double ladder design, so the car is stationary safer, more secure;

6, professional automatic sensor lights so you can ignore the impact of the road at night, make riding more fun, more peace of mind;

7, humanized with the three-speed design, to meet the various needs traffic to make your ride more easily, enjoy easy and pleasant ride of life;